Let's Talk Lash Cycle

How the eyelash growth cycle works?

Eyelashes go through a natural growth cycle and replace itself during a period between 90 to 120 days. These fine hairs go through a 3 stage growth cycle and eventually will fall out once it has reached maturity to allow a new one to grow through. One thing to keep in mind, in our bundle of lovely eyelashes we have a mixture of all three stages happening at one time and we refer to these as the ‘baby lashes (Anagen), medium grown lashes (Catagen) and adult lashes’ (Telogen) for simpler understanding terms. As each of your natural lashes exist at different stages of hair growth, lashes will not all fall off at the same time. Your natural eyelashes are like fruit on a tree, they fall off when they mature/ become an adult lash, but there are others still in the growth process that may not fall out for weeks or months. 

How much lashes do we actually lose daily?

On average we lose 2-5 lashes per day, average to 3 lashes each day. We just don’t notice it as our natural lashes are super fine. With eyelash extension attached to the natural lash, you will notice it more as it is darker and more obvious to the eye when lashes shed.

1 week: Approximately 21 lashes shed
2 weeks: Approximately 42 lashes shed
3 weeks: Approximately 63 lashes shed

Because each individual eyelash is in its own phase of the lash cycle, it is normal for a few eyelashes to fall out here and there across many days.


“Seasonal Lash Shedding”, what does this mean?

There could be a stage where lashes are going through what’s called “seasonal lash shedding”. We shed our human hair in preparation for changes in temperature. 

With the new season comes temperature changes and you may notice your eyelashes shedding at a faster rate. This just means you may be expecting to lose more lashes than usual when the season changes. This is temporary and will regulate after 1-2 cycles generally after 6 weeks everything should go back to normal. 


In spring you may suffer from hay-fever.  Due to pollen and dust in the air, this causes eyes to feel more irritated, more teary eyes and more rubbing resulting in lashes not lasting as long.

 During the winter months, humidity tends to be quite low which can make our lashes more brittle, causing them to fall faster than normal. Whilst in the summer months, everything tends to be a little better.  More sunshine means more vitamin d production and we also generally consume a better diet of fruit, salads and vegetables which are all key ingredients to healthy strong skin, nails, including our lashes! Others may find that the heat from the sun in summer may cause more sweating, increasing more oil production in our skin. Oil is like the worst enemy for eyelash extensions. Our adhesive just hates it as it leads to poor retention. 

Each individual is however very different from one another. So it may be quite the opposite from person to person and would really depend on the individual.


Will my natural eyelash grow back?

Yes, eyelashes will always grow back as long as there is no permanent damage to the hair follicle. Keep in mind that depending where the lash is in the cycle, it can take up two months for a lash to re-grow. Also note, that when a clump has been plucked out (or really damaged especially from bad application of eyelash extensions) each hair will take a different amount of time to grow back. In severe cases damaged hair follicles may result in permanent loss of eyelash hair growth.


Why is it important to get regular infills?

Once the set is completed they look amazing. However, after two weeks pass, natural growth starts to take place and lashes may twist and droop. You may also notice gaps starting to appear. Just like many other beauty regimes, lash extensions require regular maintenance. 

Our lash angels will carefully remove all outgrown lash extensions and replace them with a new lash extension. This is extremely important because an overgrown lash extension may weigh down your natural lashes which may cause damage. 

During your infill, we will also fill in any gaps and make your eyelash extensions look like a new set again. This saves you money and time instead of leaving it for too long and having to always have a new set put on.