If you want immaculate brows and further accentuate your brow shape, it's best to pair eyebrow shaping with brow tint, dye or lightening. This will complete your final brow look. As eyebrows say something about you, we aim to make your eyebrows the crown of your face!







HD Brow Sculpt & Standard Tint

40 mins $50
HD Brow Sculpt & Hybrid Dye 45 mins $60
Quick Brow Shape & Standard Tint 25 mins $35
Quick Brow Shape & Hybrid Dye 30 mins $45
Brow Tidy & Standard Tint 20 mins $30
Brow Tidy & Hybrid Dye 25 mins $40


Eyebrow threading is an ancient method of hair removal stemming from South Asia and the Middle East. The technique simply involves using a thin, and twisted antibacterial cotton thread in a configuration, which is rolled across an area of facial hair. Unlike tweezing where hair is plucked out one at a time, threading is efficient as your technician is able to remove short rows of hair to create a defined and even brow shape. Threading lifts the hair directly from the root, 100 % natural and seemingly a very popular method for eyebrow shaping today.

Threading is ideal if you have more of a sensitive skin type that's prone to irritation. People on certain prescriptions such as retinoids or with particular skin conditions may opt for threading to remove the hair on their face because it's more gentler on the skin than various types of hair removal.



Eyebrow waxing is another method used to define the natural shape of the brow, creating a clean and sharp result. Warm wax is applied with a wooden spatula to hairs. The wax is then swiftly pulled away, removing any unwanted hair from the root.

It is suited for clients that have tight skin, normal skin type, discontinued using any retinol or have no skin complication or sensitivity. If you know your skin is hypersensitive or have any skin problems, this procedure is probably not suited for you. If you have never had waxing before and have some concerns, please consider coming in for a patch test first before any waxing is performed on the face. If you recently had a facial peel or are using strong exfoliant or retinol for anti-aging or for acne, it is extremely important that you MUST discontinue using this and wait at least 5 days prior to your waxing session. Retinoids can contribute to increased skin fragility which don’t pair well with waxing.



Eyebrow sculpting is a work of art. Precise brow designing and mapping is the key to transform your look. Our therapist will study the shape of your face, analyse your facial expression and characteristics, consult and realign your brows. We will then shape your brows using wax or threading, depending on your preferred method of choice. Lastly, apply light highlight on brow shape and bone to finish off your sculpted new look. We work to enhance your facial features to bring out your natural beauty. Brow sculpt is recommended with brow tint for a perfect result. Follow up your brow sculpt session with a brow tidy within 4 weeks to maintain the shape of your newly sculpted brows.



In a hurry and prefer an express brow shape over a brow sculpt? We got you! Our quick brow shape service will give you instant definition, sharp & pristine eyebrows to compliment your natural arch. Options to wax or thread! This service excludes brow measurement, mapping, realignment and highlight. Follow up your eyebrow shape service with brow tidy within 4 weeks to maintain the shape. We highly recommend adding tint to complete the look.



Already have the shape you love and just need a quick tidy up of stray hairs? Brow tidy/ “maintenance” is performed within 4 weeks from your initial brow sculpt/shape treatment. With brow tidy service, we aim only to neaten up an existing brow shape. If you require shaping of your brows this service is not suitable. Please schedule in for our brow sculpt service so we can precisely realign, map and shape out the perfect brows for you or you can choose to get a quick brow shape service if you are in a hurry. After you have got a shape, brow tidy is all you need 1 or 2 times a month to maintain it. Book in with a tint to finish off the look.


30 mins $35
QUICK BROW SHAPE 15 mins $20
BROW TIDY 10 mins $15
BETWEEN BROW 5 mins $5
CHIN 10 mins $10
UPPER LIP 10 mins $10
SIDES 15 mins $15
NECK 15 mins $15
FOREHEAD 15 mins $15
FACE (excl eyebrow) 30 mins $50


Preparing for threading and waxing


We recommend that you grow out your brows for at least 3-4 weeks without plucking, trimming, waxing, prior to your appointment in order for your therapist to achieve the best possible outcome.
Waxing will not be performed if you present with redness from sun tanning. Please avoid it as sunburnt skin is not suitable.
Avoid exercising just before treatment, this may cause breakouts post treatment.
Discontinue all use of retinoids and other chemical exfoliating agents for at least 5 days prior.

Aftercare for threading and waxing


Avoid excessive exercising for 24 hours.
Avoid applying makeup for 24 hours.
Avoid applying oily products on skin for 24 hours.
Avoid touching or scratching treated areas for 24 hours to minimise the risk of bacteria getting into the pores.
Avoid direct sun exposure, hot saunas, hot baths, steam rooms, sunbeds and steaming showers to minimise aggravation for 24 hours.
Avoid tanning for 24 hours.
Avoid using mechanical and chemical exfoliating products for at least 24 hours. Including topical acne medication and retinoids.
Follow your therapist recommendation to maintain brow shape; avoid plucking, tweezing brows in between brow appointments. Steer clear of self removing hairs from the main brow shape.