Lash extension is a mastery of art, which requires meticulous care and exceptional knowledge of delivery. Choose your lash technician wisely! 

Mastery of eyelash beaute sets us apart! You are our priority and a valuable client to us, so at Eesome Beaute & Lash Studio we always aim to:

Be well mannered with friendly, welcoming customer service.
Encourage you to ease into the process and have a relaxing experience. 
Have well educated and skilled staff to look after you from start to finish.
To educate you and be ready to answer any concerns or questions you may have.
Offer reasonable prices that is worth your investment.
Ensure that we work hygienically and safely at all times.
Be realistic with the application time frame so we don’t take you away from your busy life demands.
Continue in developing and refining our skill-set and services.
Perform to a consistent high standard each and every time regardless of whether you are a new client or a returning client.
Deliver proper, safe, knowledgeable application techniques that do not damage your natural lashes or interrupt lash growth.
Not compromise on quality and will use safe premium quality products to deliver you the best outcome.
Ensure lashes will last you your full lash growth, making it worth your investment.
Ensure you have lashes that feels like your own and comfortable to wear.
Work with a variety of curls, lengths and thickness to achieve a blended, customized and well finished look.
Listen and understand your wants and needs, work efficiently to help you achieve what you have imagined.