Eesome Pro Micro Grip Tweezer
Eesome Pro Micro Grip Tweezer
Eesome Pro Micro Grip Tweezer
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Eesome Pro Micro Grip Tweezer

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Eesome Pro Grip Tweezer

All lash artists have found it difficult to find quality tweezers & many yet to find “the one” & even if they did it all had a sweet spot which could be very frustrating to use. Here we have it for you our Eesome Pro Micro Grip Tweezer, offering you many unique beneficial features. The most integral part of our tweezer is the embedded fine steel, micro grip feature, which is evenly distributed on the entire foot of our tweezer. This ultimately enables lash artists to pick up various thickness of lashes such as 0.07, 0.05 & 0.03 from anywhere on the foot of the tweezer. There is no such thing as a “sweet spot” with our tweezer. This results in no more slipping of lashes or breaking fans when fanning, allowing ease to create perfect Russian volume/mega fans.

Additionally we have considered the comfort level & functionality for lash artists, therefore we have thoughtfully designed protrude diamond patterned grip surfaces to provide a firm grip & hold on the tweezers.This minimises the dangerous risk of dropping/slipping your precious tweezers. 

It also has a thicker handle to increase strength & control without being too heavy to hold all day. You will experience solid control of these tweezers in comparison to other thin & flimsy tweezer designs. 

Each tweezer is sharpened to just the right sharp point & inside surfaces are levelled smoothly flat. Careful quality check for each tweezer is assessed by true lash artists to approve functionality prior to sending it out to you. 


  • 100% handcrafted with premium steel
  • Designed for either Classic or Volume/ Mega Volume application
  • Can be use for pre made, pro made application
  • Designed for beginners, intimidate or master artists
  • Diamond patterned grip handle 
  • Firm, thick handle
  • Micro Gripping technology
  • High precision, non-magnetic, non-corrosive
  • No slip
  • Full closure of the foot
  • Comfortable grip hold
  • Sharp tip for easy pick up
  • Gold tweezers 



  • 45 degrees foot angle
  • Light to Medium pressure
  • 11cm in length
  • 21g in weight

Care instructions: 

  • Please don’t file tweezers, this will cause damage to tweezers especially to the microgrip foot and may not function properly. 
  • To remove any glue residue, soak tweezer in acetone or glue removal solution for 5 mins only, please no longer. Next wash with antibacterial solution & rinse thoroughly with warm water. Spray with 75% alcohol. Wipe dry with a tissue. To remove difficult glue residue still left behind, repeat if required. 
  • Do not leave tweezers in disinfectant solution longer than the recommended time. Please follow as per disinfectant manufactures instructions. If left for longer periods, this may cause the solution to eat away at the protective layer and corrode the tweezers.
  • Store tweezer properly to avoid damage to the foot. 
  • For the safety of clients and yourself, handle tweezers with the utmost care and attention when working on clients. Eesome Beaute will not take responsibility for the misuse of our tweezers. PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.

    Please purchase carefully as we will not accept returns or refunds for safety and hygiene reasons. Please review and ensure you have selected the correct products when finalising your purchase.