Eesome Beaute Super Plus Adhesive 10ml

Eesome Beaute Super Plus Adhesive 10ml

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Eesome Beaute adhesive is absolutely what all professional lash artist are missing in creating perfectly opened fans, quick and easy application meanwhile offering client comfort and most importantly the best retention. Used in our very own studio in Melbourne. Winsome adhesive has been used on countless clients for many years and we know it works and we cannot possibly trade it to use any other adhesive. We are super excited to share our game changing lash adhesive to you! 



  • Dry time : 1-2 seconds ( Depending on temperature & humidity )
  • This adhesive works best in humidity between 30% and 70% and temperature 18-23 degrees Celsius. Recommended humidity and temperature for very fast drying time and best retention: 45%-65% humidity, and 18-22 degrees Celsius.  
  • For the experienced lash artist that needs an ultra-fast drying adhesive
  • Extremely Flexible with temperature 
  • Very Minimal Fumes
  • Viscosity – very thin
  • Strong Bond
  • Great for Very Sensitive Eyes 
  • 5-6 weeks Retention
  • Black pigment
  • AICIS registered 

Directions for use/Storage instructions:

  • Always use within 30 days after opening.
  • Unopened glue can be stored for a maximum of 3 months. Can be stored in refrigerator if unopened.
  • Shelf life for opened glue is 4-6 weeks. after opening, this should be stored in a controlled environment in tight closed container.
  • Store glue upright in a cool, dry place. 
  • This adhesive is recommended specifically for advance artists who isolate lashes and works very quickly.  
  • Shake vigorously for 1 min before each use.


  • Do not apply glue on skin
  • Excessive amount of adhesive usage may cause burns or damage to skin or hair
  • Eyes must be closed on application
  • Allergic reaction may occur on some people
  • Read instruction on the back of the label before using
  • All adhesives must be handled with serious caution and the upmost care. When opening any bottle of adhesive you must open the adhesive away from the lash station not by the clients head
  • Eesome Beaute is not responsible for any accidents or misuse of adhesive

Please purchase carefully as we will not accept returns or refunds for safety and hygiene reasons. Please review and ensure you have selected the correct products when finalising your purchase.