CLASSICDo you only wear mascara and is all about the natural look? This set will do exactly it. It is subtle in effect and simply enhances your natural lash beaute. It is a meticulous method where 1 lash extension is applied onto 1 isolated natural lash and can be applied to look natural or full. All will depend on your desired look and most importantly how many natural healthy lashes you have for us to work with. A typical completed full set of classic lashes can vary from having 40 extensions up to 100-120 extensions per eye. We can only apply a single lash onto 1 natural lash. Therefore, if you have naturally limited, fine or sparse lashes, you may be happier looking into the volume sets. The results with the classic set should leave people guessing if you're born with it!

HYBRIDWanting the best of both worlds or simply can’t decide between classic or volume? To achieve a bit of texture like the classic and fluffy fullness like the volume offers, then hybrid sets are the best bet. This set is a combination of two different lash application techniques mixed into a set of lashes. This technique involves 50/50 of handcrafted Russian volume fans and classic lashes, giving you a hybrid between volume and classics.
Hybrid set is ideal for individuals that desire a textured and non-uniform lash design. Without the uniformity and complete softness of a typical Russian volume set, hybrid sets have become more popular during the recent year and is known to be Kim Kardashian West favorite lash design look. 

VOLUMEWho doesn't want a voluptuous look for their lashes? If you are a glamorous babe and fluffy falsies won’t bother you, then go with the volume.
Our Volume sets are designed to add more astounding fullness than the classic sets, using a technique that won’t outweigh or damage the natural lashes. Volume 2D-6D lashes are incredibly light weighted. We use lashes 0.07 in diameter, hence why 2-6 lashes can be applied per natural lash.
We can customise a natural finish or just enough fluff for you to not go unnoticed. Whether you have fine or thick lashes, as we hand-craft each fan and customise the dimensions to suit your natural lashes, volume is ideal for anyone with any type of lashes.

Our volume sets are also a great option for our travelling clients as it requires minimal day to day effort. Your lash artist is able to create amazing fullness leaving you with a more voluminous look which tends to last longer because the fan has more dimensions giving you extra coverage. Great for when you find yourself in situations where you don't have access to your favorite lash technician.

MEGAWanting lashes that would blow your mind, make a show stopping, bold statement and turn heads? Mega volume is exactly the set for you!
Our mega volume sets require the process of carefully creating Russian mega volume fans of up to 7D-15D. The lash extensions used in this method are significantly thinner and lighter than the lash extensions used for the volume method. To create this set, 0.05 - 0.03 diameter lash extension is used which allows us the ability to apply 7-15 lashes per natural lash. Don't worry, we promise that this set is MEGA safe for you and will not damage your natural lashes.

Dramatic and enchanting, our mega volume set is for any individual that strives to make an immense striking statement with their look. Maximize your fullness with this set.
Be sure to check with your lash artist if you are qualified for mega sets as you will require a minimum of 70+ natural lashes per eye to achieve this look!

BOTTOMDo you fancy a more open eye look? Bottom eyelash extensions can open up your eye even more, giving a doll eyed effect without the fake look. It is also perfect for individuals that would like to balance out their upper lash extension look or just wanting that WOW factor for special events.

The application usually takes up to 30 minutes, we use the most natural curl (B curl) lash extension and around 6mm-8mm long to achieve the most natural looking bottom lash set. 

BOOSTour biggest infill is our Deluxe infill consisting of 65 lashes/fans crafted on per eye. Around about 4 weeks + . In the event in which you still have enough lashes to qualify for an infill and a deluxe infill is not enough, then you will require a lash boost charged on top of a deluxe infill to get you to the fullness you desire.

FUNLash fun is perfect for clients that LOVE to express their playful personality! Here we can custom any set of lashes you desire. From RAINBOW lashes to DIAMOND lashes, glitter, beads or even creating a WISPY false strip lash look! Just add this as an additional service when making a booking inquiry and we will have a detailed consultation of what you would like to achieve.

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Optimal lash and brow health is important to us. Give your lashes and brows a boost of moisture and hydration it deserves. Perfect treatment to combine with lash lift, brow lamination or removal. Our treatment is Vegan, does not contain Keratin (which is an animal bi-product), cruelty friendly & consists of 23 plant based ingredients.

Works to:

-Condition and Promote Healthy Hair Growth ⠀
-Combat Premature Hair Loss
-Protect Against Damage ⠀
-Nourish and Strengthen the Hair Shaft⠀
-Eliminates Dryness and Relieves Hair Stress


We pay attention to detail when administering any service to you. Liquid removers can run into your eyes and irritate more easily, so we do not use this at our studio. We use the best formulated eye-safe lash removal in a cream form to apply onto your lashes. It sits on your lashes for up to 10 mins which works to soften and break down the hard bonds from the adhesive. This allows extensions to slide off your lashes easily.

You shouldn't remove eyelash extensions at home yourselves. Many people end up rubbing or forcefully pulling lash extensions- which results in natural lashes falling off and can lead to bald spots that may not grow back. So please leave it to the professionals. We have two removal options: standard and complex removal. We find that lashes are easily removed if crafted on correctly, clump free with minimal glue usage. Wrongly applied extensions or excessive amounts of adhesive used to apply extensions will require a longer removal session. If you have a lot of lashes on, please schedule in for our complex removal.

There is no right or wrong in choosing your set, mainly all depends on your preference of fullness. Once you have them on and have a feel of what the set is like and decide later to change it up, upon your infill you can change the look then. Try it, till you find it!

Still confused and unable to decide? Don’t stress, feel free to send us a photo of your desired look and give us a call so we can book you in for the right set. Our friendly team will be delighted to assist you in achieving the perfect look!




For each particular refill, we have outlined the approximate amount of lashes/fans that we craft on per eye. On average each eye naturally can lose anywhere between 20-60 lashes within 2-3 weeks depending mainly on your natural lash shedding cycle & how you care for your lashes. Around this time you will need either a standard or extended refill, which can alternate, judging from how many lashes have shed. Book for a deluxe refill if your set is extremely sparse looking or you simply want a set upgrade to make them fuller than your initial set. Book for a touch up refill if you just need the slightest fill just to fix up some missing areas. Please understand that eyelash natural growth/shed cycle, home care regime and various other reasons could all play a part in how your lashes will last, so it is your responsibility to be aware of this and book in accordingly. Usually once you have had a few refills you will get the hang of how refills works and what particular refills you may need. However, if you need help in which refill to book, you may ask staff for assistance. If you have sparse lashes and know it needs a big fill or have left your refill for too long, best to book in for a bigger refill such as the deluxe refill to allow us enough time. *All refill price is subject to how many lashes you will need filled. Some weeks you may lose more or less lashes depending on many factors as outlined above. Therefore there is not a set price per week but rather calculated to how many extensions you will require for us to craft on. At your refill appointment, we will firstly remove loose and outgrown extensions. We will then count the extensions you have left and fill your lashes to your desired set and charge accordingly.For any Natural sets, to avoid the requirement of a new set, the recommended refill time is no longer than 2 weeks. After the removal of lose and outgrown lashes, if you have less than 10 lashes per eye a new set is required & charged. (This is our terms which is fairly lenient, as other salons will require you to have 40% of lashes remaining to be able to do an refill). 4 + weeks most likely a new set is required & charged. We cannot guarantee the work of other salons so if you already have eyelash extensions from another salon and require an refill from us, there may be additional fees charged. If the lash extensions were not applied correctly and need to be removed or repaired prior to our application, additional fees may be charged such as for a removal or for repairing foreign lashes.If you have not come in for a consultation prior to the application then we cannot guarantee what's booked in for will be enough time to complete your requested service in one session. As we cannot foresee what you need until you come in for assessment, you may be scheduled in for two sessions, one for removal and another session for a new set. It all depends on the time frame that you have booked for, and what we have time to do. On booking please advise the therapist if your lashes are not done by us so that we can be aware of this.

**New clients- requires a new set of eyelash extensions, will be given a complementary lash shampoo kit value at $25 (subject to stock availability)

**Current Eesome BLS client- if you have had eyelash extensions with us before and require a new set, a free lash shampoo may be offered to you if you don't already have one or have ran out. It is vital to be cleaning your lashes, maintaining the health of your lashes and retention is extremely important and we would like to ensure you are always doing so. We won't take responsibility for poor retention or the impaired health of your natural lashes if it is not well maintained by you. Alternatively if you already have a lash shampoo then $20 off may be granted.

(We reserve the right to withdrawal deal, change conditions without personal notifications or if we feel the scheme is being misused)