At Eesome Beaute we stock different premium lash ranges such as thickness, curls, lengths, materials and more. This allows us extensive options to which we can create a style that you wish to pull off suited to your individuality. Our attentiveness to listen to your wants and needs will ensure that your satisfaction is at our utmost priority. We focus on delivering phenomenal end results that also last your full lash growth cycle. Both short and long term health of your natural lashes is important to us so we promise that our application is always safe, clump free and will not cause damage to your natural lashes. We will craft lash extensions precisely using approved professional techniques by isolating each individual lash to ensure optimal comfort and minimal irritation.

On application, we use just the right amount of adhesive so that your lashes look as naturally adhered on as possible, aiming for them to feel just as comfortable as your very own lashes. Your lashes are precious and extremely delicate therefore once impaired due to incorrect application, may result to permanent damage. Don’t settle for poorly applied lash extensions! It’s not worth the risk! At Eesome Beaute we have got you entirely covered with quality, customisation, safety, comfort and satisfaction!

Your first appointment for a new set will be your longest, taking about 45 minutes and possibly upward of 2- 2.5 hours depending on the set you have chosen to go with. Refills will be no more than 1.5 hours depending on the fullness you choose.