For immaculate brows and to further accentuate your brow shape, it's best to pair eyebrow shaping with brow tint or brow dye. This will complete your final brow look. We know everyone's brow needs are different and so we offer a customized brow experience.


Brow tint enhances your brows by darkening the colour of your brow hair to achieve a more visible and defined shape. Brow tints are suitable for those first time brow clients that's looking to achieve a more soft and subtle finish. If you already have full brows and are not after a skin stain then this is ideal for you as tint will predominantly colour brow hairs only.

Eyelashes can appear almost invisible without the assistance of mascara. Eyelash tint intensifies your eyelashes by darkening them, just like using mascara. Ideal for blonde, fair lashes and a perfect way to look made up with minimal effort.

We have a variety of tint colours which we will customise to complement your eyes, skin and hair tones. A quick and easy procedure that will give you instant results. Tint lasts: up to 4 weeks on hair, during which the tint will slowly and subtly fade. Factors that can degrade the life of your tint will depend on care maintenance.


This is the only product of its kind in the market giving you the same effect as Henna. Hybrid dye works great for those who have sparse brows as it not only colour hairs but also can stain the skin. Crisp and sharp brows could be achieved with hybrid brows. It can hide any stubborn grey hairs, achieving a more youthful appearance. Various colour combinations to match your complexion and hair tone are available. Hybrid dye lasts longer than standard tint as it works by colouring the entire hair shaft, whereas regular tint only colour the outside layer of the hair. Hybrid dye is available for both brows and lashes.

For a more luscious, long lasting colour, give the hybrid dye a try! Hybrid Dye lasts: up to 6 weeks on the hair & up to 1 week on skin. Factors that can degrade the life of your dye will depend on care maintenance and hair cycle.

BROW / LASH TINT15 mins$20

If you have allergy concerns to products and wish to get a patch test, please book in at least 24 hours prior to your treatment for us to perform this