We require a 50% booking fee. This applies to all clients of Eesome Beaute. Without this booking fee your time is not secured and booked in. The 50% booking fee is deductible from the cost of your chosen service at checkout.


As we understand life demands, we are very flexible with changing appointments on most occasions, given that we have had early notice from clients.

Any appointments rescheduled before 24 hours of your appointment will revert to credit onto your account to be used for next time.
You will receive a reminder text, the day before your appointment.
If we are given less than 24 hours' notice to cancel or change the appointment time, then your booking fee will be forfeited.
For ANY reason, if you reschedule within 24 hours of the appointment, missed your appointment or come quite late to your appointment, the 50% booking fee is forfeited.


    Please notify us ASAP if you will be running late to your appointment.
    If you are late to your appointment, dependent on the timing, we may be able to still accomodate and do as much as we can in the time that's left. To cover for the time we have already set aside for you, you may still be charged for the full service you have booked in for.
    If we run out of time and cannot possibly accomodate any alternative service for you, your booking fee will be forfeited.
    Sorry for any inconvenience caused, we do work by a schedule and aim to avoid lapsing into other clients' time. We like to ensure each client booked with us receives our highest level of service and attention. We hope you understand.



    Please understand that any reactions to all our products or eyelash extension adhesive are not foreseeable by Eesome Beaute skilled & trained staff (or even by you).

    If you have concerns about any of our services where products are applied on you, please book in for a patch test at least 24 hours prior to the full application to test for any sensitivity to our products. However, this may not guarantee whether you may experience future allergic reactions. It will only help us indicate your sensitivity levels, to then determine if you are suited enough to go ahead with the full service. If you are frequently exposed to the allergen, reactions can actually occur at any time for new or long term clients. This means even if you have received the same service and had the same product used on you previously, you may still get an allergic reaction later on. Once you have reacted to a product/ingredient you are no longer a suited candidate, reactions will more or less occur again. Therefore‌ you will ‌not‌ ‌hold‌ ‌Eesome‌ ‌Beaute‌ or‌ ‌y‌our ‌therapist‌ ‌responsible for any outcome of the service as you accept proceeding treatment with or without a patch test.‌ ‌Whilst all care is taken, no refunds will be issued for allergic reactions.

    Eesome Beaute do offer a free lash removal should this unfortunate event occur and we ask that you contact us immediately once you become aware, so that we can assist you as promptly as possible.

    If your medical/health condition changes overtime, you will be responsible to let your therapist be aware of this prior to any future treatments.


      We believe strongly in our professional service and so we strive for customer satisfaction handled with due care and skill. Nonetheless, if we had your approval of the chosen service and we provided you with the full service and then you have a change of mind, we do not provide refunds.

      All unsatisfactory services are exempted within a 72 hour grace period- no later, where clients must provide adequate evidence in store for our technicians to assess and fix within this time frame.

      (Please refer to for further information).


      We take precautions for the safety of all product application. We cannot take responsibility for the mishap of tints, dye stains, adhesive onto any belongings or clothing. We will not be liable for any lost, forgotten or stolen belongings. Once you leave our studio anything could of occurred and cannot be guaranteed we are at fault.

      In an event for any reason this occurs we cannot take any responsibility and can only be held responsible within reason.


        New clients- requires a new set of eyelash extensions, will be given a complementary lash cleanser kit
        (subject to stock availability)

        We reserve the right to withdrawal deal, change conditions without personal notifications or if we feel the scheme is being misused

        COVID 19 POLICY

        Due to the nature of the COVID - 19, we are taking extra measures to ensure our community is safe. We are monitoring the outbreak closely and are following the government recommendations. We understand that this may become inconvenient for some of our valued customers but please understand the measures we are taking are for yours and our staff's health and safety.

        All team members at our studio are fully vaccinated and have completed the infection control course so that you can rest assured that you will be in the best hands. At Eesome Beaute, we take the utmost care to clean our hands, sanitize and sterilise tools and furniture before and after each and every client thoroughly in order to minimize the risk.
        We respect everyone's choices however, after many months of closures this is the only way we can remain opened.
        We would like to thank you in advance for understanding.

        You must understand, agree and comply to the following rules:

        • Proof of vaccination per VIC health protocol
        • Check in with QR Code and sanitize upon arrival
        • 5 person cap at a time - only the person receiving service is to attend appointment.
        • Do not come in if you are sick or even slightly unwell, please notify us straight away and let us know. Clients that arrive sick will be rescheduled and sent home.
          We would be devastated to shut down again. 
        • Do not come in if you have come into contact with any suspected, probable or confirmed COVID-19 cases or been to a hotspot (tiered) location within the last 14 days
        • Wear a mask to your appointment.
        • Do not bring anyone unrelated to your service with you to help limit the number of people on the premises.
        • Must adhere to the Government rules and guidelines