About us

Eesome Beaute is based in Melbourne founded by a duo of strong minded beauty professionals. Our valuable 15 years combined experience is undeniable as we stay tuned with the latest updates on beaute trends and products on the market. Eesome Beaute is a platform we use to express our obsession that we have bubbled all up inside. 

The platform encourages us to share our loved and most favorite products to the world and so we are ecstatic to unleash it to you all. It is evident that our interest and passion resonates in the world of lashes. Therefore, with extensive research and findings, Eesome Beaute promises to only deliver the best premium, high quality products to lash and beaute enthusiasts. Ourselves and many other experts in this line of work have tested each and every product before we supply it to you all. So, we can wholeheartedly guarantee our products work effectively and are one of the best in the market. 

Our driving mission is centered around designing, sourcing products to meet your satisfaction and expectations. Our philosophy is providing you all with exceptional products to work with, which then allows you to only focus solely on yours and the clients’ experience. 

Our product range is always growing so be sure to check in to keep up to date with what we have to offer. What makes it even better is our online store is a fuss free, shipping experience every step of the way. We are excited for you to try the products that we love and believe in! 

We look forward in supporting your business or even helping with any advice for your own personal use. Whatever it is you may need advice about, you are absolutely welcome to drop us a line info@eesomebeaute.com We love to hear from you and cannot wait to be of service to you!

If you would like your lashes and beauty needs attended to, visit us at our studio in Camberwell, Victoria!

We will surely look after you!

Happy Shopping!