Clean your lashes

  • Strictly on the appointment day, to save on extra time and not affect lash retention, please arrive at the studio with your eyes entirely clean of makeup, most importantly no mascara. Please do not use oil based makeup remover on the day to remove any makeup.

Choosing your fullness

  • Firstly, the set fullness and type; natural, moderate, full or perfect set and classic, hybrid or volume is selected by you upon booking your appointment. Your lash curl, length, style & design will be discussed in store with your lash technician.
  • Please note: with any type of perfect set or extreme mega sets, you must have a lot of lashes for us to work with; 100 + lashes per eye. Most people will have a maximum of about 90 lashes or less per eye, being their most fullest set. Therefore natural, moderate and full sets are our most common set choices. With that being said, there are some people who will qualify for the perfect sets and extreme mega sets, as they have a lot more lashes for us to work with. To avoid disappointment in the results you would like to achieve and avoid booking in for unneeded time, please check with your lash technician if you qualify for these sets prior to booking in any perfect or mega sets. 

How do I know if I’m qualified for a refill or new set?

  • To maintain full and fresh lash extensions, we recommend lash refills every 2-3 weeks. To avoid the possibility of requiring a new set application, please avoid waiting out 4 weeks to get refill. With Natural sets 2 weeks is a good time to return back for a refill. If left for 3 weeks, it may just be too long and can result in needing a new set. 
  • After the removal of lose and outgrown extensions, if you have less than 10 lashes or fans per eye, then a new set is required. Usually 4 + weeks a new set may be needed. To spare us enough time to fill up your lashes to the fullness you want, please take note of the amount of lashes/fans you have left and let us know upon booking your appointment. Over 10 lashes/fans per eye left on, you are qualified for a refill and an additional lash boost service may also be required to bring you back to the right set of choice.
  • If you require lashes fuller than your initial set (set upgrade), or need extra lashes filled up more than usual, then you'll need to book the next refill up from your usual refill. Letting us know of this will allow us enough time to add those extra lashes on for you. 

Foreign Refills

Yes, we accept lashes completed by other salons. We can do a refill if we find that lashes are up to acceptable safe crafting standards and wont interfere too much with our work. We can only work over them if they are crafted on correctly, clump free & will overall blend decently with our work. We won’t be sure of the condition of your lashes without seeing your lashes. Therefore, if you are unsure with the condition of them, please book in to come to our studio for a free consultation with us first. We can assess your lashes and further advise you of the options. Once we have a clear idea of what we are working with we can then book an appropriate appointment duration accordingly. This will allow us sufficient time to deliver you quality work and meet your expectations. If you book without assessment and consultation, for instance you have booked in for a short refill session and we happen to not be able to work over them at your appointment, a removal and new set will be required and may be scheduled to complete in two sessions.

This may be an inconvenience for you. We hope you understand that we can only work within the amount of time you have booked in for. If lashes don’t necessarily need a removal such as having minor issues and only need slight repair, extra $15 is required on top of refill service for us to fix up lashes before we proceed to refill. 

When booking please following the guideline below so we can process your request quickly:

For refill appointment:

-Please state how many weeks has it been since your last eyelash appointment with us

-Which refill fullness are you after? Touch Up, Standard, Extended or Deluxe Refill

-If you currently have Classic, Hybrid or Volume Lashes on

-Date and Time that you prefer to book in 

For New Set appointment:

- How full will you like them? Natural, moderate, full or perfect set

- Which look are you after? Classic, Hybrid or Volume lashes

-Date and Time that you prefer to book in 

We cannot give you a time slot without specific information on what exact service you will need because each refill/new set will need a different duration.