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Shop our most popular HANDMADE VOLUME FANS!

Our handmade volume fans will help you minimise time without cutting on “quality“ and easily create natural to mega volume sets in a quick timeframe, as if you were to handcraft fans yourself.

This product is NOT machine made! Our handmade volume fans are crafted individually by a professional lash technician. So skillfully made with the thinnest base, plus very minimal glue is used for the most perfect bond. This guarantees that we can deliver the highest quality and finest pro-made fans to you. 

We stock ranges in 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7D, 10D & 15D in different lengths and curls, which allows you the ability to customize the look and choose the right weight for your clients’ lashes. 

By offering your clients Eesome Beaute Pro made fans, you are delivering them the best possible retention and quality compared to any other lash products that you can possibly find on the market. 

Our Handmade Volume Fans will not disappoint! 

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